Causes of Dark Circles

What are Dark circles?

Dark circles under the eyes can be really annoying as they can make you look less attractive. They usually appear under your lower eyelids and are commonly seen in adults. Often people do not understand the causes of dark circles, but they can make you look older than your actual age. In some people, these dark circles are worse, and getting rid of them is even more difficult. It mainly occurs when the area under the eye turns blackish due to constricted blood vessels. In simple words, it appears to be darker when compared with the rest of the skin.

The ones who are more likely to develop dark circles or bags under their eye are as follows –

  • People who are old in age.
  • People who have a condition of hyper orbital pigmentation. It can be due to a genetic cause.
  • People whose skin is rich in melanin, i.e., they are of darker skin tones.
  • People who have a tough work-life or they are unable to take proper sleep at night.

What are the causes of dark circles?

There can be various factors responsible for dark circles to appear. However, if you take the precautions at the right time, then you might not have to worry about the end result. Dark circles around eyes cause irritation, and you may need a foundation or concealer to cover it up.

Following are the dark circle’s reasons that are seen in most of the adults –

The strain on the eyes – Your eyes are the most important part of your human structure, and yet they are the most exposed. Straining on your eyes is mainly due to continuous looking at your computer screen, television, and others. It can enlarge the blood vessels around the eyes and result in darkening the surrounding skin.

Aging of the person – You must have heard people saying “age is just a number,” well, it might not be when you are not able to take care of yourself. People who age with time, it is common for them to have bulgy eyes are their skin becomes thinner. Your skin loses fat and collagen, which is needed for skin elasticity. As a result of this, wrinkles start to appear on your face along with dark circles.

Poor sleeping habits – When you are not able to get enough sleep, or you are staying up till late in the night, then dark circles are likely to develop within no time. Not only will it harm your skin, but it can also promote other health issues and leads you towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep, as well as oversleeping, can also result in puffy eyes.

Allergic reactions –  Some allergies can cause dryness in your eyes, which may result in dark circles. When there is any kind of allergic reaction, to kill the harmful bacteria, your body releases histamines. The symptoms can make you uneasy and cause – itchiness, puffy eyes, and redness. Along with that, histamines also dilate the blood vessels due to which your skin becomes darker under the eyes.

Overexposure to sunlight – The ultraviolet rays from the sun are not only harmful to your skin, but they can also damage the eyes. When your eyes are completely in exposure to the sun, it increases the level of melanin, i.e., turning the skin around your eyes darker. It causes pigmentation and makes your eyes look dull and sulky.

Dehydration – It is very important for you to drink an ample amount of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. When there is a deficiency of water level in your body, it will show up on your skin. However, there can be other underlying reasons as well for which dark circles cure is a must.

Treatment for dark circles –

Although there are a lot of medical procedures that you can opt for dark circles under eye treatment, here are a few remedies that you can try by yourself. In addition to being effective, they also do not produce any kind of side effects.

They are as follows –

Get proper sleep – It is essential for a person of any age to get enough sleep in a day. Sleeping at night is a must as it elevates your overall health performance and lessens the dark circles under the eyes.

Cold compression – Applying a cold compress under your eyes not only reduces the swelling, but it will also dilate the blood vessels that were responsible for causing bags under the eye. You can simply go by taking some ice cubes in a cotton cloth and lightly pressing it under the eye area. Do this regularly, and you will see the change within a few days.

Almond oil – Our Grandma’s have always been a big fan of natural oils as they help rejuvenate the skin from within. That’s the reason they recommend us to use almond oil for dark circles. You can take a few drops of the oil on your fingertips and massage it through with light circular motions.

Facials – There are several facial kits available in the market that you can opt for reducing dark circles and improving the quality of your skin. Go for gentle massages under the eye, and it will light up your face due to the blood circulation.

Teabags – The caffeine content in tea bags have some antioxidant properties. They help in getting rid of the puffiness and also reduces the darkness below our eyes. All you need to do is – boil a tea bag in water then rest it for a while. Put it inside the fridge until it gets cold and then apply it to the affected area.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers are a rich source of Vitamin C and high water content. Thus, it will hydrate and nourish the skin, promoting smoothness to the under-eye area.

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