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Best budget-friendly DIY Skin Care Hacks for Home

People nowadays, with their monotonous lives, have become ignorant of their own bodies and skin. This has resulted in a lot of them complaining of early aging, skin damage, and even infections. Although going to a professional salon or spa to treat your skin might not always be a viable option, there are specific ways to care for your skin at home. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start our topic on the best budget-friendly DIY skin care hacks, which you can try at your home.

Aloe vera for treating Sun Tans and Dry Skin

If you are looking for a permanent cure to your severely tanned skin with minimum expenses, then aloe vera can help you get your desired results. The plant contains high amounts of moisture in its leaves, which helps maintain the right amount of hydration in your skin. This, in turn, helps in soothing the sensitive skin and slowly removing the visible redness. Moreover, due to their high hydration potential, people with dry skin can also get good results with their regular usage.

Coconut Oil as Body Moisturizers

Tired of using body lotions of various brands but still not getting a good result? Then, start using coconut oil, which is both budget-friendly and an effective moisturizer. Reportedly, the oil is known to be having comparatively more moisturizing effects than aloe vera as it prevents moisture evaporation from your body. What’s more? Using coconut oil in your food can also help in increased hair growth and bringing a natural glow to your body.

Lip exfoliation with Sugar and Honey

Getting satin-smooth lips is everyone’s dream. However, people often forget about their lips while following DIY skin care routines. So, if you are one of them who thinks applying a lip balm will completely take care of your lip, then you need to think twice. Lip exfoliation is an essential method for smooth lips and is also considered hygienic by many. For this, you can take two teaspoons of sugar and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Afterward, you need to rub this mixture on your lips for 2-3 minutes slowly, which will help to get rid of the dead skin cells. You can then apply your favorite lip balm over the freshly exfoliated lip as it will help to retain moisture.

Cheap Hair Conditioner with Rice Water

Using a hair conditioner can give you shiny and bouncy hair, but did you know this can be done without any branded conditioner? The rice water we pour down our drain is one of the best sources of conditioner we can give to our hair. As we know, rice contains high amounts of starchy carbohydrates, and starch is known to enhance hair texture. When you apply rice water to your hair, it helps in sealing the open cuticles, thereby giving the appearance of smooth and shiny hair. However, never use water right after washing the rice as they may contain pesticides and other toxic elements. Using the water used the second time while washing rice can be safely used and should be left on shampooed hair for 15 minutes for better results.

Potato and Onion Juice as Hair Growth Supplement

So, if you want enhanced hair growth, then you can use potato juice for the same. Potatoes are rich in collagen, which is highly essential for hair growth. Similarly, this juice can also help extract excess oil from hair roots and scalp, letting the hair to grow properly. Furthermore, onion juice is also considered to be one of the best hair supplements. Hence, I always use freshly mashed potato juice or onion juice two times monthly to see long and lustrous hair.

Turmeric Mask for treating Pimples

Pimples are undoubtedly a nasty affair. However, a large group of people suffers from this case. But, if you want to say goodbye to this issue without having to go through expensive skin treatments, then using turmeric can be the best option for you. Containing anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help in preventing as well as treatment of the painful pimples. Similarly, adding turmeric to yogurt will also help in retaining moisture and avoid the chances of staining.

There are a hundred budget-friendly DIY skin care routines in the world. However, the essential mantra is to follow them regularly. Having a good skin texture can help in boosting your self-confidence, so always be sure to pay attention to your body and skin.

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