Privacy Policy

We at have some strict rules and policies that are there for the benefit of the viewer as well as for us. We have given utmost importance to the privacy of our users and included some of the significant points under the Privacy Policy of our website.

Collection of Information

We may not need any data until you are simply browsing our website. But, at the same time, we may collect necessary information when you register on our website or do any task that involves filling up a form or so. It requires your – name, email id, age, gender, nationality, and other relevant data.

The reason why we store such essential data is to provide you with the following ways –
    • We personalize your experience on the website
    • We improve the website visualization
    • To help in the procession of transactions
    • To help establish customer relationship

To assist in managing the operations of the website

You must note that in no other manner, your details will be sold or exchanged with any other company or site. We will not deliver any product or service without your prior consent. It will include anything that you own relating to private and public data.

Safekeeping your Data

It doesn’t matter if you are surfing the pages of our website or submitting any request, we will keep your personal data safe with the updated techniques. We have designed our website in such a way that no other sources can break through our security system.

It is because we value the personal information of our user who has come up on the site for the services we provide to them. Thus, we have security measures that will not let any harm come to your personal data. The databases of our site are only accessible by the authorization as they hold the right to keep the data confidential.


The use of your cookies is necessary to promote your online experience on our site. They are small files that are stored on your computer’s internet browser. These cookies help us to know more about your personal preferences, which will eventually help us in giving you the relevant services.

Third-party sites

There are some third-party sites that are displaying their ads on our pages. They can also look into the cookies and web beacons as they advertise on our website and display the ad as per your preference choices. Through the Google AdSense program, they can also collect information like your IP address, ISP, and web browser that you are currently using.

We do not deal with the selling, trading, or transferring your personal data to any outside source. However, your information can be disclosed with the third parties who, at present, are conducting business with us. At the same time, we make sure that your info is kept safe, and without your consent, we do not disclose it with any other entity. At a time when there is law enforcement on the site, we need to release your info for the rights.

As we said above, on our website, there is various type of ads displayed. The owning and managing of these ads comes under the action of third party sites. If in case you indulge in any such act which includes dealing, purchasing, or using their services, you are doing so as per your sole discretion. We will not be responsible for the losses incurred through these third party sites.

Accessing and updating your information

We permit our users to change, correct, review, or update the information they have already registered with us. The users have the accessibility to make any such change whenever they feel the need to do so. If in case there’s an issue, you can contact us directly through the email with the support team.

You need to note that we hold the right to make any change on the website without giving prior notice. For this, you must visit the pages – Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions whenever you are here to surf through the site. As you are using this website, it means that you agree to all the terms that we have stated on these pages.